About Team muiZZain


“At muiZZain, the pursuit of ideas are a passion, enthusiasm with us. Ideas that are rooted in reality. Ideas that are borne out of workaday situations. Ideas that lend a fourth dimension to a business situation. Ideas that creates finest conception and creation of the reality, Ideas that work To continually with winning ideas in web designing and web development for our unique, exclusive customers, without losing prospect of changing technology and industry scenario, which is our essential aim. Our strength to set new standards in online communication and service. Our vision for the future to usher our customers into an age, where the thin line between real world personal contact and online connectivity and digital convenience will disappear.”

About Us

muiZZain: The house of total web excellence. A pioneer in online world, muiZZain a website design company came into being, almost in tandem with the dawn of the Internet era in UK. As a result, the company has become a trailblazer in web designing, and allied services connected with the virtual world. From a small start-up led by a visionary core team of technocrats, web designers and management experts, muiZZain now boasts of a well-knit web design and development team over 10 hardcore web professionals, specializing in varied aspects of web-oriented business. Thanks to its futuristic thinking, that’s matched by an ingenious line-up of products and services, the company enjoys the reputation of being one of the most innovative and customer – friendly players in its industry. As a proactive web-enterprise, muiZZain has set a benchmark for quality products and dependable performance in its three core focus areas of web designing, web site development & web outsourcing services.

On the strength of its varied services, the company has built up a growing base of loyal customers from all over the world. To them and to all of those who call upon web designers Team muiZZain for its multidimensional expertise in the Web and IT field, the website design company offers the promise of latest technnovations, world-class quality, dependable performance and aftercare for years. As a professional web design and development organization, dedicated to offer total value for money solutions to all, muiZZain is dedicated to serve a global community with its mastery over the latest developments in web designing and technical expertise. We are based in Hampshire, the commercial capital of UK , the InfoTech super giant of the world gives the website design company a definite edge. Our entire office is high-tech, state of art, equipped with new generation hardware and latest in licensed software packages. Service Philosophy to offer total creativity: Design, applications and lasting value. Serving with professionalism aimed at customer satisfaction. Adhering to the stipulated time and budget. Making and keeping relationships for life.


“The Core Team at muiZZain comprises of a close-knit family of 17. These diverse mixture of experts and professionals from all walks of the industry are the pillars of the company collectively and star performers, individually. Each team member is a thorough professional having a string of professional experience, training and achievement behind them.”

Richard MacMan

It all began with the dynamic vision and pioneering spirit of one man. Richard. As one of the UK’s first generation Net Entrepreneurs, MacMan has a number of firsts to his credit. His career in IT began way back in 2000 and has seen a growth ever since. At a time when awareness about the Internet was at its nascent stage, MacMan gave the city of Hampshire its first taste of the Net by launching the city’s one of the few HTML Base Bulletin Board Service. Ever since, MacMan continues to pour all his specialized know-how, insights and ideas into muiZZain as the main business strategist. His feel for the changing market needs, his commitment to customer satisfaction through value for money solutions, his constant quest for better, cheaper and more efficient interactive concepts have all lent muiZZain, a sterling reputation. Outside the framework of the company, MacMan is actively involved as a proactive industry man. The web designing and E-commerce in leading IT and news publications. As a Team Member An expert in Graphic & Web Designing Software’s, Richard MacMan lends his special insight and creative edge in product development. A great communicator and interpreter for the web design team. Along with developing innovative products, MacMan carries the mantle of servicing the corporate sector. He is an expert at PhotoShop, Flash, CorelDraw and other high-end graphics software. He brings to the company a rich and diverse experience in creative web design.

Patrick Robinson

Creative Consultant / Art Director

Patrick Robinson is in Creative development field for last 14 years and execute his creative flare with lord’s help to various national & Multi national Client. Excellent design, communication, people management and presentations skills. Well versed in all areas of advertising and advertising production, both as a creative and as an account manager. Quick to embrace new technology and Website developments.

Lauren Orsini

C.F.O (Chief Financial Officer)

An accountancy professional by qualification, Lauren Orsini a multifaceted business background, especially in the areas of financial planning, resource management and general administration. As head of the Finance Department, He coordinates entire finance and accounting operations, addressing key areas like budgeting, finalization, projections and taxation. In addition to general administration, he also oversees exports and domestic sales.

Patrick Belli

Print and Designing Solutions

A qualified Commercial Artist from Arena School of Arts, he lends unique visualization and design skills to create stunning yet user-friendly web layouts. The quintessential Art Director lends a special touch to all visual graphics and has an uncanny sense of color, balance and sophistication in design.

Adam Duro

Web Development

MCS by qualification, they are the programming head at muiZZain. Highly knowledgeable and resourceful in their field, Adam Duro looks after everything that comes under the purview of Software & E-commerce projects.

Amin Baloch

Business Development Manager

An engineering graduate with B.Cs in Computers, he specializes in the sphere of software marketing. Equipped with over 2 years experience in the software industry, he has total insight and expertise in market development for any software product. An excellent presenter and great negotiator, he ably manages his portfolio; which includes nation-wide marketing for web designing & development, customized print and customized CD development service.

Kelly Cooper

Data Analyzer (Typographer)

A good data typographer having dynamic mind to excel the company with excellent typography.